Q. I am finding it difficult/challenging to get though 24 "typings" of the affirmations at one sitting. I feel like I have to have a lot of time devoted to the session.

A. While it is advisable to complete the 24 affirmations in a single sitting, we understand that this is not always convenient. You have several option.

  1. If you don't wont to complete all 24 affirmations you can select “End” from the “Affirmation” menu to end the session.
  2. The "Express Mode" (see Tutorial) offers ways to speed up the session. I use this a lot and can normally get through the session in less that 5 minutes. Not to much time considering the wonderful results you will receive.
  3. There is also an option that lets you set how many affirmation to practice per session. See the “Affirmation” tab in the setup.


Q. I have a question for you about the "Responses". You say to "respond" with any thoughts or feelings that come up, even if they contradict the affirmation. I know that I find it uncomfortable to type out a "negative" response.

A. When affirming something to be true, there will, most often be a part of you that does not agree with this. We should not ignore this part of us or we are creating conflict, it needs to have its say.

You don't have to do what this part of you is saying. When using this technique, your responses will turn to the positive, most often by the end of the 12-Days. If not, then you may wont to address the negative concerns that have been surfacing.

For example, if you were affirming an ideal relationship and a part of you believed that relationships were going to take away your freedom, it would be advisable to listen to this part, you don't have to do what it says, but listen.

Just the simple act of listing and acknowledging our inner voices can often remove blockages that has been preventing us from having what we have been affirming.


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