Welcome to the Sculptor3 private users web site. This site has been created to compliment and extend on what you have already learned from the Sculptor3 documentation and tutorial guides. The Sculptor3 concept is huge, and we wanted you to get the best value out of the program, so think of this site as an extension to the Sculptor3 program.

There will always be new users coming along for the first time, so please share your experiences, it can be so helpful to hear someone else talking about how they are  experiencing the program.

I will create a “Users Experience” area as soon as you get those e-mail’s flowing, so do share. Send me your e-mail’s at JStaniforth@affirmware.com.au and I will get cracking.

Also, if you create any backdrop images, or libraries, I am sure others would benefit greatly.

Any way, do enjoy your! web site. I will be adding information regularly, so make it a habit to check back often.

Wishing you much success, happiness and radiant health.

Warmest Regards

Jeff Staniforth.

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