... and welcome to AffirmWare, a company founded in 1994 for the purpose of helping you achieve your dreams and live the life you want.

You know, ever since I was very young, I can remember thinking that if a Genie were to magically appear and grant ME three wishes, my first wish would be for a magic wand.

I know this sounds a bit "wacky" ­ remember I was just a boy. But that thought has always stuck in the back of my mind. And today, I am proud to say, that after 8 years in the making, I have my equivalent of that magic wand. And I'm sharing it with you.

It's the Sculptor3 computer software, which I created.

This Program Teaches You Life-changing Success Secrets Used by Many Top Achievers of Our Time

... and I'd like to put Sculptor3 into YOUR hands today. The results can be nothing short of miraculous, as you see desired changes manifest in your life, and see your own dreams come true, EFFORTLESSLY.

Those secrets are really the techniques of affirmation, Alph Brain Wave technology and visualization. I KNOW THEY WORK because I've used them successfully myself, for over 10 years now. And I went from struggling, to living a life I enjoy. Almost effortlessly. All because I learned how to use affirmations the right way.

Let me back up for a moment and tell you that for me, like for many of you, the journey of self-discovery and personal growth began during a very difficult time in my life. I was at a "crossroads" where, one day I felt forced to take a real inventory of where I was in life. Where I was headed if I kept doing things the same. And what I needed to do in order to get the life I wanted. I knew I had to make changes, but wasn't sure how to go about it.

The very next morning I began feverishly researching self-help tools. First I tried a course on Transcendental Meditation, then the “Silva Mind Control Method”. I took classes in Yoga, practiced pranic breathing exercises and chakra balancing techniques.

In the midst of further research, I kept coming across books teaching affirmation and visualization techniques. I was fascinated by it all.

In fact, to date, I've read more than 1,000 books on metaphysical subjects by many great authors/philosophers including Shakti Gawain, Lazarus, Sanayar Roman, Carl Jung, and of course one of the best-selling self-help gurus of our time, Think and Grow Rich author Napoleon Hill.

As I saw positive change manifest in my own life, I understood why affirmation with visualization is called "the secret of the ages." And I knew I'd use these miraculous techniques for the rest of my life.

I Proved To Myself Beyond A Doubt That Affirmations Work, But Here's Why I Developed Sculptor

If you've ever practiced affirmations on paper, you know it can get a bit unorganized and overwhelming, which leads to inconsistency. That's why I came up with the idea of creating an easy-to-use, interactive computer program that would act as an electronic affirmations "partner." I needed such a partner to help keep me consistent in my practice, which maximizes the power of affirmations.

Plus, I knew having instant access to all of my affirmation activity would make my life so much easier. So, I put my 14 years experience as a programmer and IT professional to work and created the Sculptor program.

While in the process of creating the program for my personal use, I saw it emerging as an effective interactive tool that could make the practice of affirmation easier and more effective for others, as well.

A little side note… ever since about age 8, I have attracted people who needed help in some way. The Sculptor program is just one more way I can reach out to people needing help.

Today Sculptor Is Helping People Just Like You Live Their Dreams

I'm pleased to say that since 1994, Sculptor has found its way into New-Age bookstores in Australia, and has been presented at Mind, Body and Soul conferences, and the Silva new-age seminars.

We have now released Sculptor3, and I have to say, the program is better than ever. It is so much more dynamic, and puts a treasure of valuable tools at your fingertips, (in fact it is six programs in one)  to make employing the power of affirmations as easy and as effective as it possibly can be. Tools I wish I had when I began my success journey. I know I would've arrived much sooner. Everything in its own time, right?

As for the future of AffirmWare, you can read my mission statement at the AffirmWare.com.au web site. But to summarize, I plan to continue in the pursuit of quality, creative expression, and positive self-growth. How about you?


Founder, AffirmWare

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