The Violet Flame

If you are familiar with physics you will be aware that violet is at the top end of the spectrum of visible light, just before infrared. It has the highest vibration of the visible light spectrum. In spiritual matters, violet is the highest colour healing light, typically associated with the crown chakra. When you are working with healing, in a number of different traditions, you are often called upon to visualise a violet light to help you in your healing.

The violet flame is a particular aspect of the use of violet visualisation revealed by an Ascended Master known as Saint Germain. The Violet Flame transmutes negative into positive and can be used to "pay off" negative karma, not just for yourself, but for others and for the earth herself. It is a great tool for affecting change in your life, and helping you deal with issues in your life.

To use the Violet Flame on yourself you need to first centre yourself and to breathe regularly. Make sure you do this in a quiet place where you are not likely to be disturbed. Visualise a violet light engulfing you, just like a flame. See it flickering around your body from the core all the way to the outside, transmuting the negativity into positivity, and burning off old karma. Whilst holding this in your mind, you repeat one of the Violet Flame decrees listed at the bottom of this section.

Saint Germain also teaches that if you do the above Violet Flame exercise for twenty minutes on the 23rd of each month then you can transmute all the karma you have accumulated during that month in one go.

If you wish to deal with specific issues in yourself, for example, transmuting certain negative emotions, try visualising yourself sitting by a campfire that is burning with a violet fire. Again still and centre yourself first, and then visualise yourself putting these parts of you into the fire and watching them transmute. Repeat one of the Violet Flame mantras whilst doing so.

You can use the Violet Flame not just to help clear your karma and issues, but to also deal with problems between yourself and other people, for example, your spouse, your boss, colleagues, etc. Do this by repeating a Violet Flame decree whilst visualising the Violet Flame going between you and the other person, or just surrounding the other person, or even the earth engulfed in Violet Flame.

When you use the Violet Flame on the earth itself, you are not just helping to balance your own karma, but also that of everyone on the world, including the earth herself. This is a very good visualisation to do. You can home in on particular areas of the world that are experiencing problems and send Violet Flame there.

With all these exercises, do them for as long as you feel right. You will intuitively know when you have done enough and feel the urge to stop. Of course, at any time when doing the Violet Flame visualisations, you can also call upon the power of Saint Germain to help you in your endeavours, and boost the strength of your Flame.

These are just a few Violet Flame decrees to get you started, but you can make up your own if you wish that work for you.

I am a being of Violet Fire
I am the purity God Desires

Within the Violet Flame does burn
And through it so do we learn
To clear the past and free our soul
That on to union we may go

I am one with the Violet Flame
I am now free of all shame
My karma now I do clear
And that of those I hold dear

Violet Flame fill me now
Bring me harmony in the Tao

Violet Flame burning bright
Fill me full of Gods' own light

Violet Flame, karma clearer
To God now bring me nearer

I AM a being of Violet Fire,
I AM the purity of right desire!
I move within the Violet Flame,
It purges me of all fear and shame,
All guilt and death must pass away,
I call you forth oh divine flame!

Violet Fire come keep me secure,
That darkness' grip shall no longer endure,
Unfold my being with sheer delight,
Come banish the evil spirits of night!

In the name of my higher self that governs my destiny,
Send me the violet flame. Let every negative
Condition be cast off my soul and purified in the
White light of the God and Goddess.

By Jason Johns

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